Tarpischev – about Medvedev: “He lacks emotions. The first place in the Final tournament does not shine “

President of the Russian Tennis Federation (RTR) Shamil Tarpishchev reacted to the victory of Daniil Medvedev in the match against Sebastian Kord from the USA with a score of 4: 6, 6: 1, instapaper.com 6: 3 in the 1/8 finals of the tournament in Paris.

“This year, Medvedev will not get the first place, as I understand it. Now he just needs to confirm the points. He needs to play no worse than last year to keep the points. Doubt about first place. The final tournament gave Medvedev a lot of points for the victory. Last year, Djokovic also did not play. Now any points for Medvedev in the black will go without deducting last year’s. We need to think about the first place after the first quarter of next year, “Tarpischev told SE.

Tarpishchev also believes that Medvedev lacks emotions in recent matches.

“Now he plays quite well. Naturally, there are not so many emotions anymore. Still, there is accumulated fatigue. He has no cleanliness in his work. Medvedev now faces a difficult task – to play well at the Masters and have a good Final Tournament. Less load is needed, “Tarpishchev added.

In the next round of the Masters in Paris, Medvedev will play with the Frenchman Hugo Gaston.