How to download your favorite song

How often do you song with an obsessive inner voice? In the morning I heard a song on the minibus and sang it all day long. Even the melody of a passing car might be a curse. Why reacts our brain so hard to music? How can we get out of our minds the obnoxious words?

Even the research was conducted by psychologists and scientists. This symptom is referred to as “cognitive itching” or “earworm.” Thus, James Kelaris sought irritating motives during his investigation, calculated the public and made a hypothesis of all sorts of links between all these in 2003.

If the characteristics of neurons’ working in the brain are deeper, we can observe that the perception of music comes within the competence of the auditory area of the brain. It is possible to reactivate if you do not hear the music but try to rebuild it. This is the identical syndrome of my compulsive song.

In this context, neuropsychologists have suggested a number of possibilities. You may memorize songs, for example, ones you really like or kom_88934 sympathize with the actor. However, webpage what if you have to get rid of a music in my mind immediately?

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