Ferdinand: “I would not allow Messi to lie like this behind the wall, it is disrespectful”

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand is surprised that PSG striker Lionel Messi went behind the wall in the Champions League group stage 2-0 match against Manchester City during a free kick by the opponents.

“The moment Mauricio Pochettino asked Messi to do this during training, someone had to go there and say: ‘No, no, no, no, this will not happen to Leo Messi.’ You can’t do that. This is disrespectful, I would not allow it. If I were on this team, I would say: “No, I will lie down for you.” I would not allow him to lie like this behind the wall. This is not what Messi is supposed to do. He should not get his shirt dirty, “Ferdinand’s Daily Mail quotes.

In this meeting, Postheaven.net Messi scored the first goal for the French team. PSG have 4 points and are ranked first in Group A.

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