After Excess weight reduction

I have actually dropped one size (primarily from lulu size 10 to size 8) and heading in the direction of dimension 6 in couple of months. I have been over active with health and fitness objectives for aaa supreme clothing last couple of months, and also I will possibly be alot leaner afterwards.

I have around $1500-$2000 worth of lululemon fabric that are obtaining shed as well as large for my upper body fit. They are primarily Bras (Energy bra) as well as quickly tops (t-shirts, racer tops, lengthy sleeve). I don’t loose much weights from my reduced body and my leggings/shorts do fit good.

They are sill in good condition in terms of materials as I have actually washed them carefully. Is it worth taking them to a regional tailor to size them down for me? All my cycling, lifting, and yoga fabric are from lulu.

My concern is not the tailor cost/time, however how my cloth will certainly fit as well as look later on. Likewise, if they will stay comfy as they are.

Has anyone done this prior how to find replicas on wish to?

As high as I like lulu, I more like to have my clothing tailored, even when they come to be too huge. Pants, trousers, sweaters, so forth. Generally these are constructed from durable products with usual cuts.

When it comes to look and also really feel, similar to anything that depends on your tailor and also exactly how well they understand the textile. I do not see the tops as much of an issue as they’ll be absorbed however I wouldn’t advise the bras. You’ll also risk to have the lulu logo in a weird place afterwards if you hem or take it in excessive.

I think the most efficient point to do is to market what you do not fit and also replace.

This is what I did when I shed some weight in the end:)Agree with me?LOL …

Is it worth taking them to a neighborhood tailor cartier yupoo to size them down for me? As much as I love lulu, I extra like to have my garments customized, also when they come to be also large. You’ll also risk to have the lulu logo design in a strange spot later on if you hem or take it in also much.

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